SAT Test Prep with Socratic Summer Academy


Together with Socratic Summer Academy, we are excited to bring you group and individual Online SAT Preparation courses.

Get SAT Ready by December 05, 2020


Whats included in the course?

School Day SAT® classes are taught by SSA-trained EXPERTS (including the Executive Director and Curriculum Director), equipped with SAA’s extensively honed and tested in-house curriculum, strategies, and teaching methods.

  • 48 (60 minute) hours of interactive Zoom classes
  • 24 hours of mandatory homework
  • 6 practice test administered every 2 weeks
  • 230+ pages of study materials currier delivered directly to your students
  • Additional One-to-One tutoring*
  • Proven methodology and guaranteed results of raising test scores 150 point or more


How’s SSA Different?

Small class size of 10 students max.

Small classes, separated by level of ability (if space allows) ensure individualized attention to the needs of each student and maximizes student-teacher interaction, making the most of each 60 minutes of instruction.


The Oxford Model of Instruction.

The teacher gives some amount of instruction (15-40 min), after which students try it assisted and then on their own (15-40 min). After this period, students rejoin the instructor to give feedback, get answers to questions, and get more information (15-60 min). Students again try the method assisted and then independently (15-40 min), and then meet again with the instructor for feedback/questions / more information (15-60 min). Class proceeds accordingly, a mix of practice and immediate and delayed feedback, so that students are able to hone not only their application of the strategies but their own critical thinking skills, because no SAT problem will be predictable. Each day schedule will evolve according to the specific needs of students in the class, but students should block off the time of their course for exclusive focus on the SAT strategies, or they will not master them.



Flipped Test Prep.

In the classroom experience, what matters most is the interaction between teacher and student - asking questions, engaging with ideas, getting feedback, getting tweaks to understanding, understanding the liminal space of what you’ve learned and how it can be applied. Lectures can be recorded. Implementing strategies can’t.

SSA prizes the time students and teachers spend in the classroom, and does everything they can to maximize interaction during that time. Your kids have a limited amount of time with the teachers - so they use that time to interact with them. They will send them lectures and explanations to watch at home. When they’re in the classroom with instructors, they can engage with the strategies and really understand how they work. This maximizes the impact of classroom time.


Mandatory homework Homework.

is useful for two reasons:

There is no way SSA teachers can spend as much time with the students - it’s just not feasible. That DOESN’T mean that they can’t be working on SAT® prep, though - if they’re shooting for the 80-hour mark, they need to rack up as much time as possible.

If kids are in a space where they’re constantly being told what to do and how to do it, they’re never going to learn these skills on their own. A lot of the SAT® exam is knowing what to do when you face a problem you feel like you’ve literally never seen before. Or doing a problem where, partway through, the strategy suddenly seems to no longer make sense. That’s real - and the cure for both of those is practice. Students have to apply the strategies on their own, see the places where they don’t know what to do or why or how, and then come back to the teacher with those situations and under tand how to pivot within a given set of circumstances.

Confidence on the SAT® exam is built on familiarity - familiarity is the greatest single predictor of success.


Retention-minded methods.

One great example of retention? It has been proven that we retain more when we make a prediction about an outcome and then learn what happened than if we’re just told about the outcome. Kind of crazy, but backed up by data.

There are multiple important pieces to retention - from interleaving different types of problems to spaced practice to retrieval practice. It permeates the questions we ask, the homework we assign, and the ways we test students’ understanding.

SSA teachers are experts at teaching to students across all levels of SAT® scores, including working with students with accommodations, and will tailor their teaching to the error patterns students actually make.


To learn more about Socratic Teaching Method and Success Model:

Learn more about SSA methodology here 



Summer bootcamps and individual classes are also available *

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